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This is me. Nerine Schoonraad.

I believe as designers & creators we are impact makers, we can shift this world, make changes and create beautiful designed products for people to care about. I have a love for organisations and businesses that are making an impact but don't look that "fresh", current or modern enough for the world to buy what they sell - and this is where most of my energy goes to.


My heart to change the world through design & illustration. My mission is to create great design not just for money - but for impact & hopefully be around to see the world change even just a little...



UI/UX, Web Design, Wireframing,
Branding, Design UI & Illustration.


2016 - 2021

Graphic Designer

 For Twyne I helped create corporate identities, logos and stationery. I assisted in designing packaging, outdoor advertising, printable or interactive
forms, branding and marketing
material for various clients.


At Twyne my love & training in the digital world grew so much that I oversaw most of the web, app and digital jobs. 

2016 - 2021

Gift Curator

 I was also employed by Geskenk Corporate Gifting. Geskenk is a sister company of Twyne and is where I found my love for cause marketing. Being employed by Geskenk I discovered what an impact good design can have on the planet and also the people most in need of help...This above all of the work is where I would love to focus my attention to make a difference in the world. 

2021 -


I live for Design and Illustration - the fact that it can bring about change to the people that most need it - brings meaning and purpose to my life.

I started my design business as a small dream in the year Covid-19 hit. It grew slowly but surely into something I can call my passion. This is where I belong.

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